What low gas prices mean for local teens

What low gas prices mean for local teens

Madi Beauchamp, Writer

Gas prices have been at a remarkable low for close to a month now with prices in the Cedar Rapids area comparable to the price of a pack of gum. All across the United States, gas prices are averaging to be $2 or just under $2 per gallon.

This is especially amazing for many citizens considering less than five years ago, gas was as high as $4 per gallon in some parts of the country. The best part for citizens of Cedar Rapids, including Kennedy High School students, especially those that drive, is that filling up their tank just got a whole lot cheaper.

 For students that do drive and have to pay for the cost of filling up their gas tank out of their own pocket, this couldn’t be better news. Kalli Davis, jr., who pays for her own gas and works, says “It’s really great because even though I have a pretty good job for a teenager, the more money I can save on gas is the more money I can save for college.”

Davis also says it makes her want to work more shifts at work now that she does not have to worry about the gas money it takes to get her there as much. “The low prices even make it cheaper to do things like traveling to Iowa City or other small excursions.”, Khadidja Elkeurti, jr., said.

Elkeurti does not drive herself. It’s not hard to say that there isn’t anybody in Cedar Rapids who doesn’t benefit from the lower gas prices. But unfortunately, we may not be able to reap the benefits of cheap gas much longer.

According to Pittsburgh Post Gazette, gas prices could start creeping back up as soon as February. This rise in cost is due to oil refineries tending to change their formulas closer to spring and summer to a fuel blend that burns more efficiently in the warmer weather.

 So fill up your tank for under thirty dollars for as long as you can, because unfortunately all good things must come to an end.