Battle of 42nd Street Blood Drive


Photo provided by Kris Hellweg.

Jade Milota, Writer

Save a life and donate blood.

For many years Kennedy High School and Xavier High School students have participated in the Battle of 42nd Street Blood Drive.

Although the drive to collect blood itself started many years ago, the Battle of 42nd Street is fairly new. It started six years ago.

“The main reason I went is to save lives not to beat Xavier,” said sr., Erica Vavricek

This year’s blood drive was held in December. The two dates to donate blood were Dec. 8 and Dec. 15.

Half way between the two schools, students from both schools donated at the Oakland Church.

There were 52 donors from Kennedy High School and 33 donors from Xavier High School. Kennedy has more students than Xavier and because of this reason they count percentages of blood instead of the number of students who donated. Xavier had a higher percentage than Kennedy and came out on top.

“We were able to save 250 lives with all the blood we provided,” said Kris Hellweg.

Hellweg is Kennedy’s Bio Club leader and blood drive coordinator. She has been helping with blood drives for over 16 years.

“I am more than happy to help. It’s really exciting,” said Hellweg.

All the blood donated from this event was taken to the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center and is then given to local hospitals to help those in need of it.

“I always leave (the blood donating) the center with a smile on my face,” said Erica Vavricek, sr.

Donating blood can help students earn the service hours they need whether that be for National Science Society or National Honor Society.

If you missed the blood drive this winter and would like to donate, Kennedy is hosting another drive this Spring. It will be held Wednesday, March 18. It is open to all Kennedy students.