Becoming Santa

Maddie Herlocker, Writer

With the holidays closing in, kids from Kennedy’s student government get the chance to be Santa. In 2006 Mr. Benedict’s student government class adopted a family and bought them presents with money from the class, now eight years later it’s still going but with twelve thousand dollars from anonymous donors from the community.

The veterans affairs office send Benedict a list of roughly 25 veteran families, and he emails them asking for a Christmas list. Then he gives the lists out to kids in the class with an envelope full of cash. He decides how much each family gets by what they ask for and how many people are in the family.

“As a class we all benefit, we get reminded when you look at their lists and what they want how lucky we have it.” Benedict said.

Most kids go to lower cost places to get more from their money like Walmart or target. Some stores give kids a discount if they know what they are doing.

Junior Sydney Hayden is in Benedict’s class and really enjoys doing this for the families.

When asked why she likes doing it she said “I’m doing it to help people who are in need have a better Christmas and because it makes me realize that not everyone is as fortunate as most during Christmas time and by doing this I can make it better for them. It makes me feel really good about myself because I am giving back to the community and there is nothing better than that.”

Hayden’s favorite part is buying the toys because, she can imagine how happy they would be when opening the presents. “We become Santa for these kids and there is no way to explain the gratitude these family feel when we show up with all their gifts. It’s one of my favorite things about Christmas.” Hayden said.