Knitting is hobby for Kennedy High School junior

Knitting is hobby for Kennedy High School junior

Brooke Timmerman

Lydia Yang, jr., might be seen carrying knitting needles and an infinity scarf through the hallways of Kennedy High School. It may seem odd for a 17 year old, but Yang believes otherwise.

Yang learned how to knit from her mom around the age of eight. A brief period of forgetting how to knit slowed Yang’s progress in knitting. She picked knitting back up as a hobby, winter of her freshman year after friend Nina Yu, jr., reintroduced her to the techniques of knitting.

“I know how to knit a circle scarf, a straight scarf, and a headband,” Yang said.

She hopes to learn how to knit a circle so that she is able to complete hats.

“I need to learn how to knit a circle, but I might need a loom for that,” Yang said.

A loom is a frame with pegs that you knit the yarn onto. The loom is usually easier to knit circular creations on than knitting needles are.

Yang has a wide variety of tools that uses to knit with. She prefers large, metal knitting needles because they work best for her.

“I like the larger knitting needles because the scarves turn out looser,” Yang said.

As Yang’s mom taught her how to knit, Yang is showing some of her friends how to knit. She and other women’s swim team member bond over their ability to knit.

Not only does Yang get scarves out of her hobby, it also reduces her stress, and makes her happy as she tries to accomplish her homework and knitting at the same time.

Yang is not alone in her hobby of knitting. She is a part of the knitting club that meets in Mr. Arp’s room, Fridays, during A and B tutorial.