Staying healthy during the winter

With the first snow finally over with and winter rolling in, staying healthy is becoming more important. According to Scientific American, 10 percent of Americans get the flu each year, and most get it during the winter months.

“I use more caution in the winter, and especially in public places. I try to avoid rubbing my eyes or touching my face so I don’t get sick,” Brandon Koch, fr., said.

You are more likely to get sick during the winter, but nobody knows why. Doctors commonly tell patients to wash their hands frequently to prevent the spread of disease.

“I got a flu shot earlier this year to try and prevent any sickness this winter,” Koch said.

Not only is the common cold or the flu an issue, it is common for people to gain weight during the winter months too with so many holidays and gatherings.

“I try to be careful on what I eat and try to control how much I eat over a certain amount of time,” Paige Franck, so., said.

In the course of a year, United States citizens suffer around one billion colds according to About one in four people in America suffer from a form of the common cold each year.

“I always wear warm full length clothes. I take a daily vitamin or halls cough drops when I am feeling somewhat sick,” Franck said.

“I wash my hands often and cough and sneeze into my arm to prevent spreading germs,” Koch said.