Students trick or treat for loose change

As kids go out trick or treating for candy this Halloween students from Kennedy High School’s Key Club, and other Key Club’s around the country will be trick or treating for loose change.

Key Club is joined with United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) on a project called The Eliminate Project, to help aid in the fight against maternal and neonatal tetanus. Tetanus is a disease that kills almost 160 babies each day. Mothers typically pass the disease onto their babies through unhygienic childbirth.

The aim of Key Club is to raise money for UNICEF so that vaccines can be purchased for those in need. A vaccine would help stop the transfer of the disease between mother and newborn.

“With the shot, they (the children) would have a very, very low chance of getting it,” Key Club treasurer, Kirsten Siebenga jr., said.

On Halloween Key Club members go around local neighborhoods and try to explain to community members what their aim is. Members ask for spare change that could help raise money for The Eliminate Project.

“When you ask them and you describe why you are trick or treating for UNICEF and give them some background on the project, I think people are really willing to donate their spare change,” Siebenga said.

A hope of Siebenga’s is that next year they will be able to have a little more time to explain to people why they are trick or treating for UNICEF, so that they understand what they are giving money for.

“It would be good if we get the information out so people don’t just think we are asking for money,” Siebenga said.

Key Club is always taking new members and meets Mondays, during B tutorial, in Mrs. Steinmetz’s room.

Click here if you would like to donate or learn more about The Eliminate Project.