Temporary Partial Lockdown

Temporary Partial Lockdown

Brooke Timmerman, Writer

At around 12:40 p.m. a Kennedy High School assistant principal, Jim Meunch, announced over the intercom system that the school would be going on a temporary partial lockdown.

The message was that due to an off campus event, the school would be locking outside doors and carrying on business as normal on the inside.

Students are being urged to stay inside the school.

Updates to come.


Updated: Lockdown cancelled. 1:05. Incident occurred at a nearby gas station. See KCRG.com for Cedar Rapids city crime information.


Brandon T. Gordon, 18, is being charged with attempted murder. Allegedly, he fired several shots into an SUV at the BP gas station on Center Point Road, causing the lockdown. The shots wounded Kennedy senior Kirsten Meyer, who was in the car with 19 year old Rodney Da Vas Burt, who was not wounded, but according to police was apparently the target.

Cedar Rapids public safety spokesman Greg Buelow, quoted on KCRG, stated that Meyer was being transported with a serious injury. Buelow also stated that further details could not be revealed at this time as the investigation is ongoing.