New Faces in Kennedy’s Halls


As we all make our way back into the crowded hallways of Kennedy for the 2014-2015 school year, students are getting the chance to experience a higher level of education due to the many new talented teachers.

“I am optimistic about having a new teacher and excited to learn in new and different ways,” Madi Beauchamp, Jr., said, “I think the teachers will be great but when you meet anyone new you have to get used to them.”

This coming school year the Kennedy faculty and staff will be experiencing a shift, as 12 new members will be added for the 2014-2015 year. “The environment at Kennedy is like no other, it’s… Already feeling like home,” said Dr. D, F.O.S. Teacher. Many of the new teachers are feeling “ready” for the year also described by Dr. D.

As Kennedy is still ranked as the number one high school in the state of Iowa, teachers are expected to pursue a high sense of learning in the classroom. “It is extremely important to keep the students engaged and to remember that some of the students here won’t attend college and it’s my job to give the best education that they can recieve.”

Dr. D is self described as a Jersey girl, although she isn’t like the television stars, she is born and raised in Jersey. She received her doctorate at the University of Iowa, where she used to teach, to come to kennedy to gain the sense of connection that is found in a k-12 classroom. Dr. D is also scared of snakes.

The coming of teachers to kennedy brings us all a chance to expand our knowledge, and also to show even more that Kennedy is truly the best of the best and we expect only that.. The best.