Beginning the Senior Project

Beginning the Senior Project

Maddy Crist, Editorial Editor

The first few steps in fundraising for the 2015 senior project are underway and the seniors are slowly chipping away at the goal of raising $16,000. The project will be helping Habitat for Humanities, and the seniors will participate in building a house.

 Before the building begins, fundraising is the primary focus. The first fundraiser was a garage sale that kicked off on Aug. 8 and 9 in the black box in Kennedy.  Students, parents, and anyone in the community were welcome to donate clothes to be sold at the garage sale.

 The total earnings of the garage sale totaled up to $589.70.

“I was kind of nervous no one would show up. But that wasn’t a problem, we had lots of people come through and make purchases to help our cause,” Amelia Miller, secretary of the 2015 class, said.

The fundraising race continues as plans are beginning to form on possible new fundraising events.  “None of the ideas are official yet but we want to have a movie night outside at our school. We’d play it on a projector, there would be a small admission price and we would also sell popcorn. We have thought about a car wash on the Drive For Your School day too. We are open for ideas from students as well,” Miller said.

Along with brainstorming fundraising ideas, the senior class also needs more volunteers to work the events.

“Having more students helping out would decrease the amount of time and work each individual has to put in. I would sincerely appreciate more students getting involved,” Miller said. Every senior is expected to put in hours during this project, whether it’s planning or building.

 “The only way that this will work is to get everybody in this class to assist,” Martin Labs, staff advisor of the project, said.

Not only is a lot of participation needed for this project, it is also meant as a bonding experience for the seniors to always remember.

 “The really cool part about this whole project is that Kline and Labs are sort of pushing it into the seniors’ hands. They want us to come together to fundraise and build so we can give back to our community. It’s all up to us how successful this project is, no one is forcing the individuals to participate but I think all seniors should consider the impact their volunteering will have on a family in need of a home,” Miller said. “The sense of accomplishment when it’s finished will be unbeatable, and the experiences and memories will be unforgettable.”