Kennedy art show

Naomi Hofferber

Kennedy High School celebrates its rich art talent during the 2014 art showcase taking place Friday, May 23.

“We’ll have paintings, drawings, designs, computer graphics, photography, sculptures; everything that students have done throughout the year,” art teacher Patty Walsh said.

The showcase will feature close to 300 art pieces done by Kennedy students. Pieces included must be chosen by Kennedy art teachers, and only those deemed well enough are included. Walsh, Erin Ennis, and Dennis Schmuecker are Kennedy’s three art teachers that select art for the show.

“During the year, as we see the students in our classes, we are keeping our eye out for quality pieces and so often times we will either ‘steal’ them from the students and give them back at the end of the art show or beg them to bring them back for the art show,” Ennis said.

Students do not have to be in an art class to submit their work, however, and pieces that are done at home can be submitted. Work that is submitted does have to be an original piece in order to be accepted.

“If there is question of authenticity, then it will not be put in the art show, we do not permit knowingly copied work of any kind,” Ennis said.

Two judges for the art show will be picking awards for the best in show for the drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, and computer graphic categories.

“We have a fairly good turnout; a lot of parents, and the students that have work in the show,” Walsh said, “We have maybe 100 students or more (in the show).”

The showcase will be located in the Kennedy’s band room from 6 to 8 p.m.