Jekyll and Hyde the Musical



Jekyll and Hyde a musical thriller is coming to the Kennedy auditorium April 24, 25, and 26. Kennedy students have been putting in the time and commitment to make the play possible.
The intense Jekyll and Hyde Musical is about a doctor who believes that everyone has some good and some evil in them. The doctor wants to separate that in a person. He experiments on himself creating a second evil identity. The ending scene concludes with much suspense that will leave you wanting more.
About 40 Kennedy students participate in the musical; taking up lots of their time, but they are all focused on one thing, making sure the play is ready to be performed by the time the first show begins.
The students have been practicing since February. They practice every day after school from 3 to 6 p.m. If they are a part of the chorus they have to take time to learn the songs on their own time outside of musical practice.
Ensemble Member Kim Skoog so., says that it takes a lot of commitment and you have to be willing to put in the time every day. The directors expect you to show up and be ready to practice on time.
Acting is much more complicated than it seems. A person has to be up for anything whether it is a different part or change of plan, even switching up a song lyric at the last minute. Meaning you have to be ready for anything.
“I enjoy acting because it lets you be someone who you aren’t, and to be able to see the musical come together in the last week or so of practice is really cool, overall it is a great experience,” Skoog said.