Flappy bird fallout


Fans of the popular game “Flappy Bird” were in for a shock when the game was removed Sunday from the Apple App and Google Play stores.

Players who have the game on their devices are still able to play. But the game will no longer be available for download. This has created quite the splash in the world of social media. People threatening suicide if the game isn’t uploaded again. And other death threats aimed directly at the game’s creator.

Phones with the ever popular game installed have appeared on eBay and other online stores for upwards of $15,000. This is after reports that the creator Dong Nguyen was pulling in around $50,000 a day from the game.

“It’s sad that someone tried to make innocent fun, but now has to worry about his life and wellbeing,” Sarah Scott, jr., said. Nguyen made the decision to take the game down because he reportedly couldn’t take the popularity of the game anymore.

Nguyen said he was afraid the game was addicting and ruining people’s lives.  He also reported having trouble sleeping.

Although some may call it odd that Nguyen released a big update for Flappy Bird before deleting it. Nguyen did what he thought needed to be done.  And according to his tweets he is happy, healthy and still developing games.

Reporting on Twitter that his newest game in the works with have better graphics and tilt control.

“I think taking it off the iTunes and Android stores was probably a smart choice,” Scott said.  “People need to realize it’s just a game.”