Flappy Bird catches on


Hannah Bruns

Flappy bird, a new app and game created by Gears studios has come to the I-phone, I-pad, and Android. The new activity has created a love-hate buzz among students not only on social media but even in the hallways, classrooms, and homes of Kennedy students. The game itself at first, involves simple taps on the screen to move a “flying” bird through tunnels, but of course avoiding the tunnels. Although instructions of the game seem quite simple, this simple minded game has become a large struggle in many different types of ways.

“It’s horribly addictive and incredibly unsatisfying but, I have to keep playing because I tell myself I can do better, when I can’t,” Adria Brown, jr., said.

Brown started playing the game only a few days after it came out due to the fact her friends all around her were now competing with her score. She stresses, “I both really, really, love it. But I really really hate it.”

The spreading of the involvement of the game seemed to have started from groups of people finding out and just trying it. “I just heard everyone on twitter talk about it, so I bought it,” Grace Moes, fr. She too, struggled at first. “At first I got like one, and I felt stupid so I never played it again, But one day I started playing it and didn’t stop for 4 hours, and my high score is still 4, but, I feel accomplished.”

While others are still addicted and playing the game constantly, many have took that as a sign to avoid playing the game at all. “I’ve only heard bad things about it, so I just haven’t bought it,” Ross Greckoff, jr.  said. “It seems like it only makes people angry, and whenever I watch my friends play it at school it doesn’t look fun, it just looks stupid.”

Flappy bird is now available in the I-tunes App store, along with different cheats and glitches, the game continues to drag people in, while also pushing others out.