Former Kennedy staff member gets Survivor nod

Former Kennedy staff member gets Survivor nod

Torch Coverage

Story by Macy Shares, Dylan Siegrist, and Brooke Bekeris

Former Kennedy school resource officer Sarah Lacina was announced part of the cast for the CBS reality show Survivor last night.

The TV series, which starts with a premiere on Wednesday, Feb. 26, will take place in Cagayan, a province in the Philippines.

“She will do awesome, she was well-liked here and can be funny and serious,” Solomon Brooks, sr., said.

A lot of students and faculty describe Lacina as strong and competitive.

“She knows how to read people and has a good judge of character,” current Kennedy SRO Charity Hansel said. “We are trained to pay attention to details so that will help her a lot on the show.”

Lacina is an MMA fighter. She is also an ex-military police officer and served on the Cedar Rapids S.W.A.T team.

“(This) will give her an athletic edge to other competitors,” assistant principal Robert Johnson said.

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