FIFA 14 popular among Kennedy students


Morgan Schwab

FIFA 14  is one of the most popular sports video games played by high school students. With the recent release of Fifa 14, the game is now more popular than ever.

“It’s a way for people to like soccer and see the enjoyment in playing the real sport,” Killian Magee sr., said.

Fifa 14 was updated with newer graphics and can be viewed in 3D. The option to have pre-match ceremonies was added as well as a live crowd that responds to the plays as if you’re playing a real professional soccer game.

“Fifa 14 is different from the older versions because the graphics are a lot better and they changed the animations a lot so it’s not as boring, they also made it so when you score a goal a bigger celebration happens,” Ryan Walker, jr., said.

Video game critics and reviewers rated Fifa 14 a 9.2 out of 10 on Fifa is used to create fantasy teams and play soccer. With over 600 licensed teams choose from, you can play with people of your choice or random opponents. One of the most popular features on the game is being able to create an “Ultimate Team.” You can choose from over 16,000 famous soccer players from around the world to add and make your winning team.

“My favorite part of the game is creating my ultimate team, it’s a game mode where you can buy whatever soccer players you want on your team and it’s nice because it lets you get out of just playing soccer,” Walker said.

“I used to play it daily, but then I got a job,” Matt Rowan, sr., said