Should college football players get paid?

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It has been an exciting year for sports but especially in college football which featured a huge matchup between Texas A&M and Alabama which brought in tons of money for both schools but none of that money goes towards the players, which begs the question should they players be paid?

Robert Donaldson so., thinks that they should be paid. “They are going out every week and playing the same game that the NFL is,” Donaldson said. “The players aren’t making anything and I think that is wrong. The players should be paid based off their performance and jersey sales.

The opposite of what people can say is that players are already getting paid to go to college for free. Players get free college tuition so all four or five years they are at college it is free.

Alec Hanson so., thinks college football players should not be paid. “I think the players should be playing for fun and they also choose to play football,” Hanson said. “The advantages of not paying players is they would just focus on winning on winning for their team.”

Josh Jahlas, a former Kennedy student, is now a walk on for the Iowa State football team. Walk on menas that they player still has to pay full tuition, pay for room and also pay for meals.

Jahlas doesn’t think that players should be paid because scholarship players get every paid for already. “They also get extra spending money every month and they players have to report back the money,” Jahlas said.