How to survive four years at Kennedy


Do you ever wish you would have known something before coming to Kennedy? The first few weeks of school are definitely the most hectic time of school year, but what about the long term ideas of high school? Like setting goals or striving to reach a certain grade or GPA. It happens every year with the new freshman class, but what do other Kennedy students think new students should know when coming to Kennedy.

When new high school students come to Kennedy they are always nervous and of course excited to begin their new journey in a bigger place, but do they really know everything about high school?

“I’ve learned from my years at Kennedy that you only have four years here and you need to make it worth it.” Erin Pins, jr., said. “You always hear people say how fast it goes by, but you never really believe it until you’re into your junior year and feel like you were starting sixth grade yesterday.”

Goals are always a good thing to set for high school. You have to have something to stride for or something to give you a challenge. Sometimes you have to push yourself to reach a certain goal, but after you reach it you can say you achieved it and that it is accomplished.

“The one thing I would tell new high school students is that you should honestly try your best and always try to reach and set new goals,” Kaylee Scheer so., said. “I would also warn them of our crazy foyer and to stay away from it as much as they can,”

Eventually a time will come for everyone when their four years are up and it’s time to move on. Some individuals may think they should live it up in high school and some may think you should try as hard as you can and get good grades, but no matter what you think you should value your time here as a Kennedy student.