2013 Homecoming Dance Regulations


Maddy Crist

With the constant growth and evolution of dance styles, controversy has hit Kennedy High School. There has been discussion on the student’s current style of dance. Student government and the administrators have come to a conclusion on the rules set up for Friday night’s dance. These rules will be posted for students to see before the dance.

Dance Rules:

1. Students must wear appropriate clothing and wear it appropriately at all times.

2. Appropriate dance will be expected.

a. No simulated sexual activity is ever acceptable and is grounds for immediate removal.

b. No dancing bent over or with hands on the ground.

c. Intimate physical contact is not acceptable in the school environment and students must show restraint in their physical contact with one another.

d. Students who violate policies will be given one warning to end the violation (except for simulated sexual activity, which may result in immediate removal.) This warning may come from any adult chaperone at the event. Subsequent violations or refusals to stop will be considered insubordination and will result in removal from the event and possible additional school-based consequences for non-compliance.

3. All school and district rules are in effect for students who are on school grounds for any activity school-based consequences are also in effect

Also prior to the dance, administrators will address the chaperons for the protocol that everyone is expected to follow.

“Chaperons will go around and obviously ask you to behave, and if that doesn’t work you will be told you have to leave. But the intent is to go up and tell people they are dancing in an excessive manner and to tone it down. If everyone cooperates it should be fine,” Student government advisor and social studies teacher, Joe Benedict, said.

The intent for the rules is to make every student attending the dance to feel comfortable and enjoyable.

“Personally, I think the rules are good to have. The first year I went to homecoming it was pretty gross and it was just too much. So I think having rules in place will make it more comfortable for everybody,” Brandon Jaquis, jr., said.

The rules for homecoming were not made to extract the fun from the dance, but merely to create clear expectations to the students.

“I think the majority of the students understand that it’s targeted to the groups who get carried away with the overly suggestive dance,” Benedict said.

Homecoming is a tradition that has been carried on by generations. To keep the light-hearted energy and avoid conflict or confusion the expectations create a common ground.

“It will be fun if the teachers and chaperons interpret the rules the same way, but if they don’t I do not think it will be the homecoming everyone wants it to be,” Marissa Moore, sr., said.