Students lead morning announcements

Torch Coverage

By Emma Moss

 “Stay Classy” is a quotation that Kennedy students hear almost every day from Logan LeTellier, sr., and Josh Jahlas, sr., as they broadcast the morning announcements with principal Dr. Mary Wilcynski.

LeTellier and Jahlas applied, went through an interview process, and were picked to do the announcements by last year’s broadcasting students, Dan Wasta and Herschel Dixon.

“It’s a great way to start off the day,” LeTellier said of his job.

Every morning Kennedy students hear the latest news from Jahlas and LeTellier including the lunch menu, sport news, fundraisers, and other events in the life of the school.

“They’re doing a great job,” Wilcynski said, noting that she is not yet sure how the students will select the broadcasters for near year.

Jahlas and LeTellier also added a few tips for those wishing to apply.

“Be comfortable with who you are,” LeTellier said. “You have to be able to talk fast.”

Jahlas added that the job gets easier with practice.