Jordan Lunsford

I would apologize for offending people with my last editorial but it was a personal written opinion. After the Torch was released and people had a chance to read my editorial, I had a lot of feedback from teachers and students, both positive and negative. I was prepared for the feedback until what I wrote and what I meant was being perceived differently. Allow me to clear some things up.

For students who agreed with my editorial because you thought I was bashing education as a whole didn’t grasp what I was trying to get across. I never once mentioned that kids shouldn’t have to go to school or that academics aren’t needed. I was saying that education could pertain more specifically to each student’s interests. If a student felt confident enough to know what direction they wanted their life to go in, then they could take certain classes that revolve around a more distinct subject. This isn’t saying the school day would be any shorter or that you would have a longer summer it just means the variety of classes would be greater and required classes would pertain to your future career. This isn’t saying that you would need to know a career while still in high school gives you the opportunity to take classes you’re more interested in.

For teachers who disagreed with my article because you believed I was bashing teachers and belittling what you do for us are also very wrong. I absolutely love my teachers and have the utmost respect for them. What I don’t agree with is the curriculum each student is made to follow day in and day out. I also wasn’t saying the information you teach us is unnecessary for everyone, but there is a large percentage of people that won’t use all the information and skills taught in required classes in their choice of career. My personal idea was that all of these classes would be available, plus more, but only those who needed or wanted the information would take the classes. No teachers would lose their jobs, if anything more jobs would be created for the variety of classes.

In the end all this is a personal opinion. This idea of education structure is very specific to my situation and I understand it may not pertain to others. In the future I would recommend reading editorials with an open mind and know before you do, it’s a personal opinion. Thank you and see you in prison…only kidding.