Social media guidelines

Hannah Bruns

Social media is used for a variety of reasons. People can use social media to keep up with their friends, family, and even school activities such as the Torch. Something I’ve noticed lately is people abusing sites with things that could possibly hurt them in other aspects of their life.

Now I’m no hypocrite and have of course broken a few rules when it comes to using social media, but I do believe there are a few tips that could help all people, including high school students at Kennedy.

When it comes to photos, a selfie a day may keep everyone away. Don’t get me wrong, your friends probably love seeing your smiling face, but not in every picture. People enjoy varieties. People like pictures of other people, so try including other friends in photos or the activities you’re doing.

Profanity is another risky subject. Avoiding it at almost all times is a key factor when trying to make a point, so tweets with huge amounts of swear words are likely to be over looked, not taken seriously, and possibly even made fun of.

Last thing is that I  don’t think the “rumor” that bosses and the school administration check in on students accounts should be taken lightly. Statements like these are personally taken seriously. The fact that a statement made by someone when they’re 14 could affect their job at 21 is a scary yet surreal thought.

Overall social media can be a serious thing but also a great thing. As long as people use it correctly and for the right reasons it can be nothing but a plus to society.