Photo Poll: What is your favorite kind of music, and do you think listening to it affects your personality?

Xander Riley

“I like dub step, but I really don’t think it does that much.”-Caleb Hansen, so.
“I listen to basically 60s and 70s music and I think it does influence my personality because it makes me akward, because no one really likes that music and they judge me a lot, and it also influences what I wear because I basically just wear t-shirts of the bands.”-Jayci Kvach, fr.
“I listen to rock and people say that people who listen to rock are violent but I’m not a violent person so I don’t think it affects my personality.”-Kaylyn Grafton, so.
“I like listening to jazz, and then just random stuff, I guess, because I am a very bouncy person when I’m happy, but kind of when I listen to sad music it makes me sad, so I guess it does depending on what you listen to.”-KJ Doyle, jr.
“I like country music the best, and I don’t think it influences my personality.”-Kyle Minor, fr.
“I listen to mostly pop or country and I think it sort of influences me and makes my personality me.”-Madeline Dvorak, fr.
“I like listening to Japanese music, and no.”-Nicole Simonds, so.
“Rap and any kind of rock, and I also like Japanese music. I think it affects my personality a little bit, I wouldn’t say it’s overly influential but it does have some impact.”-Tyler Rothenberger, sr.