ONE Campaign

Maddy Crist

The ONE campaign is the global campaign to end world poverty. Kennedy has been involved in raising money for the past six years.

Patty Walsh is an art teacher and the director of the ONE campaign at Kennedy. She introduced the program to Kennedy six years ago. Walsh’s daughter adopted a little boy named Josi from Ethiopia.  When she heard his story and what he had been through she decided to bring the program to Kennedy.

“I just thought something needed to be done and something could be done here,” Walsh said.

Kennedy does many fundraisers and activities to help bring in money for the campaign. There was ONE night at a football and basketball game, and there will be a ONE Night concert held at the school in April. The classrooms participate in Penny Wars, and there is an Improv night in March.

The past few years, Improv night has been held in Kennedy’s black box. Due to the large support of this event, it will be held in the auditorium this year. Improv night will be on March 8 from 7-9 p.m. The cost of admission is $5.

“Impov night always brings in a lot of money for us and it’s terrific,” Walsh said.

On Friday, March 15, Kennedy students will be doing a packing day for Kids Against Hunger. Students will be packing dried vegetables, rice, soy and chicken flavoring into bags to send. These packages are designed to fight malnourishment.

“I will be one of the students helping the others learn how to package,” Megan Dunham, jr., said.

For the past five years, Kennedy has raised $10,000 every year from the multiple fundraisers around the school, and they have worked with Kids Against Hunger and packed 40,000 meals to be sent to Haiti.

“Everyone in this world can do a little something to help, and this is the little thing that Kennedy can do,” Walsh said.