Penny Wars

Xander Riley

The Penny Wars is a fundraiser done through the One Campaign, a global campaign to eradicate world poverty. The goal of the Penny Wars is to raise 10,000 dollars. The penny war has been going on at Kennedy since Jan 28. It ended on Feb 22.


“This is our sixth year [of doing Penny Wars], and the last five years we’ve raised 10,000 each year,” Patty Walsh, the staff member in charge of the One Campaign at Kennedy, said.


The money raised goes towards packaging food for people in Haiti. Packages are assembled and sent containing rice, soy, chicken flavoring, dried vegetables, and vitamins and minerals.


“This recipe was come up with by scientists to combat malnutrition,” Walsh explained.


The One Campaign at Kennedy six years ago, after Walsh’s daughter took in Josi. He was born in a mud hut and his father had passed away. His mother had lost two children before him to malnourishment and gave him up for adoption in order for him to survive

“I think it’s such an incredible story because as a mother, I know that really says something about your love for your child, to be able to give them up so that they can not only have a better life, but live,” said Walsh. “So at that point I just said ‘something needs to be done’, and what a great venue for kids to help in.”


Walsh’s third period is also in first place of amount of money donated this year, despite the class being made up of only 12 kids. The class raised 150 dollars in the first week, and has since been raising money through things like selling skittles. Some of her students said:


“The first day [of Penny Wars] Mrs. Walsh said she would match what we brought, so that motivated us to keep working on it,” Hadley Rittgers, fr., said


“We’d encourage each other to do things to raise money, because it’s kind of fun to see how much you can bring,” Mallory Schatz, So., said.


“I feel like if you have everything you need, you should give back,” Aren Buresh, fr., said.