Editorial: Asking Someone to WPA

Morgan Schwab

What’s worse than being turned down to WPA? Having the person you asked run away in terror. To avoid that, you should probably keep reading.

Here are some “do’s and dont’s” to consider when asking your soulmate, love-bird, significant other, or even just a friend to WPA this year. There are only a certain amount of dances in our high school career so you might as well make them memorable.

When asking someone to WPA, make it creative and different! Yeah, it’s easy to write on a car window, but make it special, and something that’s never been done before.

Another idea that will for sure get you a date to this year’s WPA is to send them on a scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunt’s are fun and the other person will be able to tell that time and effort was put into it.

DO ask them at a sporting event or somewhere in public (with all the people watching they are bound to say “yes”). Being asked to a dance in public is a big deal, it shows everyone that you’re proud to have that person as your date and you can’t wait to show them off.  You could make a cute saying or a poem.  Whatever it is, make it special & different.

So now that you have a few ideas on how to ask your date “the fun & exciting” way, keep in mind there are a few “boring & been-there-done-that” ways to steer clear from.  Texting them, tweeting to them, having your friend ask for you, a boring card with the words “WPA”, a teddy bear, etc. These are NO NO’s.

And remember….you need to ask your date AT LEAST two weeks if not much more in advance. Keep in mind: there are dresses/tuxes to try, hair and nail appointments to be made, colors to be decided on, flowers to be ordered, travel arrangements to be made, and dinner reservations to be called in. These are all things that take time.  Allowing your date this extra time is also “allowing” him/her to get this all done and really enjoy the whole experience.

Now that you have some tips on what to and what not to do when asking your special someone, best of luck.