Flu bug avoids Kennedy

Hannah Bruns

Every winter, from December to March, the flu bug sweeps across the nation. Students all over miss school, while still passing it from friend to friend. It seems Kennedy has missed the punch.

Thousands of students miss school every day due to influenza related illnesses. The winter months, especially in colder regions create increases seen every year by doctors, teachers, and nurses.

Symptoms range from fevers to vomiting, causing unwanted absences in a student’s daily life. “Flu germs can be found on any hard surfaces,” Connie Trautman, school nurse said. Students at Kennedy have been cautious when it comes to avoiding this illness.

“If anything we’ve had less illness related absences compared to previous years,” Marlys Dengler, attendance secretary, said. Data shows that Kennedy students have missed fewer days this year compared to the past two years.

Tips are published each year by hospitals and services to stay away from this reoccurring sickness, and schools top the list for specific places to avoid in general due to the high amount of people in a small area. Certain teachers have taken it into their own hands by reminding student’s ways to keep their personal hygiene in top shape.

“It’s important to wash your hands with warm water and soap before you eat, drink, or do anything that involves touching your face,” Trautman said. “That’s the key to avoiding it as much as you possibly can.”