WPA dance regulations

Maddy Crist

Kennedy’s WPA is on March 15this year. Kennedy students may be hesitant to attend after there was a misunderstanding at the past homecoming dance about dance regulations.

At homecoming this year, a policy was made by the administration to prohibit students from dancing inappropriately.  Once the chaperons enforced the rules, students began to leave the dance.  When the teachers and chaperons realized how many students left, they quickly reevaluated the rules.

“Originally they told us we couldn’t dance a certain way, but then they changed them. I was getting ready to leave but when they changed the rules we stayed for a little bit longer,” Alexandria High, sr., said.

As the date of WPA rolls nearer, students want to know if the rules will be the same as homecoming.

“As far as I know, I haven’t talked to the administration specifically about the rules but I’m assuming when we wrote the policy that it would apply to all the dances,” Social studies teacher and director of student government, Joe Benedict, said.

The confusion about the rules may become a problem. But more importantly, WPA is the Friday night that students get out of school for spring break. Some may not be able to go, due to vacations.

“Hopefully in the future, we can pick a different date but sometimes it’s dictated by show-choir, basketball, and all kinds of things that’s going around here,” Benedict said.

The date and the dancing regulations could become a conflict for the attendance of WPA.

“I probably won’t stay the whole time, and it sort of messes things up because I have a trip to go on,” Noah Nosely, so., said.

Student government is trying to figure out the specifics of the policies. As soon as the decisions are made, and as the dance gets closer, students will be notified over the announcements.  Rules will be applied, but the extent of them is still unknown.

“There are rules that will be enforced. Excessive grinding like that, probably not going to happen, but as long as people don’t get too carried away there aren’t any rules that say you have to dance face to face,” Benedict said.