Voice in the hall: a freshman cheering and dancing

Voice in the hall: a freshman cheering and dancing

1. What’s your name and how do you spell it?

Olivia Zaputil

2. How old are you?


3. What grade are you in?


4. What middle school did you go to?


6. How do you like Kennedy so far?

I like it. It’s fun and I like the people there.

7. What makes Kennedy fun for you?

My friends are there and I like the activities I do there.

8. What activities are you involved in?

Cheerleading and JV Dance Team.

9. Why are you involved in Cheerleading?

Because I like to dance and my mom was a Cheerleader so I wanted to be like her.

10. What are some of the stereotypes for cheerleading and are they true or not?

That all cheerleaders are mean, provocative. But, no they are not true because all the girls on Kennedy cheer are really nice.

11. Why did you decide to do dance team?

Because I love to dance.

12. Do you like it?


13. What is your favorite part about dance team?

Learning new dances and I love all the people on the team.

14. What is your least favorite part of dance team?

It takes a lot of energy, by the end of practice you are tired and sore.

15. What is your favorite part about cheerleading?

I like the girls on the squad and I like cheering on the people in my school.

16. What’s the worst part about cheerleading?

You’re really nervous when you do stunts, because you could always fall.

17. Is there any new things you want to try doing your freshman year?

Not really, I’m really happy with what I’m doing now.

18. What has been your most accomplished moment as a cheerleader or dance team member so far?

In cheer when I get a new stunt down I really like that.

19. What do you like to do in your free time?

I dance outside of school which takes a lot of work. I also like to read and listen to music.

20. Do you find it challenging to balance your activities, friends and homework?

Kind of because cheer and other activities can run really late so I have a hard time finding a time to do homework sometimes. So I get up early and do it when I have to. And I like to hang out with my friends on weekends

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