Lock down practice during school

Isabel Neff

Cedar Rapids police visit Kennedy during the school “lockdown” safety practice.

A mandatory school lock down will be held tomorrow, Jan. 10, during 3rd hour. The lock down will be during the beginning of the hour for about 15 minutes.

Dr. Mary Wilcynski, school principal, thought since the beginning of the year that the school should review the protocol for having a school lock down and keep it fresh in everyone’s minds.

“It kind of gives you a pit in your stomach having to do [a lock down practice],” Wilcynski said. “It’s harder to practice threats of kid’s lives [than a fire or tornado drill].”

The decision to practice lock down procedures was furthered after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Wilcynski said that several students even asked about our lock down procedures, so they started setting dates for future lock downs.

Although the situation pushed the administrators to have lock down practices, it didn’t make them change anything about our current safety situation.

“In our situation we have three security personnel around all the time and a uniformed police officer, and added to that we do lock all of the doors now,” Wilcynski said. “I’m fairly comfortable about our safety situation.”

Wilcynski also mention that there will be several lock down practices to practice what students would do if this situation would occur.


For more on our school’s safety, read the story that will come out January 25.