The passing problem


Kennedy’s South Lot tends to be overcrowded.

Hannah Bruns

Every day during passing time hundreds of students fill the hallways of Kennedy. Tight spaces become full of pushes, high five, and the blur of talking.

After last year’s redistricting plan the question of Kennedy being over crowded is still very alive in the minds of students, teachers, and parents. Passing time has started to become a problem for certain students.

“I think it’s over crowded to an extent,” Jayson Hennessey, sr., said.  In the five minute period between classes Hennessey ventures to the senior bench where he and other seniors socialize in the short amount of time they’re given.

Passing time is signified as a time for students to be able to get from class to class, and also be able to possible make stops at things like, lockers and the restrooms. This short period has been described at times as chaotic and loud.

Another factor that comes along with overcrowding is the constant traffic jams before and after school. Kennedy students now park not only in the South and North Parking lots but also three churches nearby, along with streets and neighborhoods close to Kennedy.

Resolutions have been made by teachers who understand the strains the packed areas cause students. A common idea in classrooms is at the beginning of each trimester teacher will give each student a designated amount of passes to use each trimester wisely.

Hennessey has learned to work the hallways, a skill acquired by most students attending Kennedy over the years. “There’s nothing we can really do to prevent the halls from being so crowded, so for the most part it’s not too bad honestly.”

Kennedy’s South Lot tends to be overcrowded.