Battle of 42nd Street: Blood Drive

Battle of 42nd Street: Blood Drive

Jason Grobstich

We bleed green and gold. That’s the slogan for the fourth annual Battle of 42nd Street Blood Drive. The director of the drive Kristin Hellweg, biology teacher, has been directing the blood drive for 13 years now.

Hellweg says the mission of the drive is to collect many units of blood. “[The blood] stays here local in Cedar Rapids,” Hellweg said, “For every unit of blood we collect, it can save up to three lives.”

This drive is also great for the students. “It gives students an opportunity to see how they can volunteer and help out their community,” she said.

About 50-60 students on average sign up for Kennedy each year. Shelby Chostner, jr., is one of them. “I liked the idea that I could help save lives, so that definitely influenced me to donate,” Chostner said, “I also volunteer at St. Luke’s, so I meet people in need of blood all the time.”

Michael Snook, sr., will be donating for his third year. Being an officer for the Biology Club, Snook was heavily involved in putting on the drive for the past three years. “Each donation saves three lives, that’s what really enticed me to do it,” Snook said.

Adam Parker Goldberg, sr., is also planning on donating for the first time. “When we were younger, my sister and I enjoyed going with our mom when she donated because we got free cookies and juice,” Goldberg said. “There’s not much better than free food, with the exception being saving someone’s life. I’m happy to sacrifice a pint of blood to do this.”

Some tips Hellweg gives before donating is to eat and drink something prior. You can also bring a friend to hold your hand, but otherwise, the whole process only takes about 30 minutes.

Kennedy has won the first and third years, so this fourth year Hellweg hopes we can win again.

The dates you can donate are Monday, Dec. 10 and Monday, Dec. 17 from 2-6 p.m. at the Oakland Church of the Nazarene. If you’d like to donate, you should contact Kristin Hellweg.