December weather changes

Hannah Bruns

This past week’s dropping numbers have left Cedar Rapids feeling the heat.  Entering December in the low 60’s, students were buzzing about the abnormal temperatures.

Although this “winter weather” seemed quite strange to some, news casters say this was not the highest December has ever been. Past years have beaten this Indian Summer by a surprising landslide. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the highest temperature for Cedar Rapids at the beginning of this month topped the charts at 67 degrees, recorded in 1988.

Students were seen in items ranging from shorts and sandals to turtle necks and boots, not a likely sight in the beginning of December. More students were seen taking the outside routes to classes, and even eating lunch on the patio.

Many took advantage of this weather by spending time outside this weekend, putting up decorations and embracing this short amount of warmth. However, others kept to their normal winter activities inside.

The earliest sunsets of the year are here, holiday decorations all around, but there’s no snow, no cold weather, just heat. Weather forecasts predict temperatures will be back to average December temperatures by the end of the week.