The votes are in

The votes are in

Isabel Neff

About 1300 students “voted” this week for who they felt should be the President of the United States and who they felt their 1st District Congressional representative should be. Democrat Barack Obama won with an over 300 vote lead over Republican Mitt Romney. Bruce Braley, Democrat, won the 1st District Congressional vote by just under 200 votes, over Ben Lange, Republican.

Kennedy had a voter turn out of 73 percent, where 1297 of our 1750 students filled out ballots.

The official number of votes for each candidate is as follows:


Obama (Democrat)- 797

Romney (Republican)- 414

Johnson (Libertarian)- 37

Stein (Iowa Green)- 23

Litzel (Nominated by Petition)- 9

Goode (Constitution Party)- 7

LaRiva (Party of Socialism and Liberation)- 5

Harris (Socialist Workers Party)- 5


1st District Congressional:

Braley (Democrat)- 684

Lange (Republican)- 489

Krail (Nominated by Petition)- 47

Hughes- (Nominated by Petition)- 32


Results given by Adrian Evans

Graphic by Tara Mittelberg