Homecoming hopefuls seek the crown


Lydia Martin

Homecoming always comes around every fall. There’s the dance, the parade, the big football game, powder puff, school dress up days, and of course Homecoming Court. Every year the senior class selects 15 boys and 15 girls to be nominated for Homecoming King and Queen. Then the senior and junior class vote for the top 7 boys and top 7 girls. The students nominate their class mates for many different reasons and most think it is an honor to be nominated.

On Tuesday, September 25, there will be a school wide assembly for these King and Queen candidates.

Top 7 Boys

Tanner Boyle is one of seven nominated for Homecoming King. “I’m happy I was nominated, I am going to campaign for as to why I am better then David Hynek. He’s my competition,” Boyle said. “David is just kind of adorable.”

Mohammed Cheetany feels like he is more accomplished then ever for being a candidate for King. “I just started at the bottom and came to the top and conquered everything in my way; it is definitely an honor.” Cheetany feels his competition is “The girls. They all are way more attractive then I am. Also, anyone who is going to attempt look nicer then I do. I’m a dapper man.” Cheetany also thinks David Hynek would be his competition. “On my third birthday, I got a little nerf ball. And this ball had a hole in it and I took a piece of it and put it in my nose and had to have it surgically removed,” Cheetany said, “Another interesting fact is that I can blow bubbles with my tongue so vote for me.”

Riley Fergus is another candidate for King. “I feel really honored. It feels good to be in the top seven of my entire grade,” he said. “All six of the others are really good choices. I think Andrew Hanzelka has a good chance because he is really fun and can make everyone laugh. And Tanner Boyle because everyone loves Tanner,” Fergus said. “And you know David Hynek, because David is, well, David.” An interesting fact about Riley is that he broke his jaw twice within six months.

Jake Frazier-Flores feels, “Now I can campaign for who I want to win, David Hynek. I’m going to look to make sure David wins.” When asked about competition for King, Frazier-Flores answer was “David Hynek.” “He is obviously the best choice to win,” Frazier-Flores said. Frazier-Flores is all for David Hynek on this one, “I love David Hynek.”

“I feel like royalty,” Andrew Hanzelka said, “But really it doesn’t make you feel any different, I feel like the same old Andrew.” Andrew thinks Tanner Boyle is his competition for King because, “He can make a grown man cry with that beard.” An interesting fact about Andrew is, “When I was born, 1994, I was camping in the ‘Rockies’ by myself, yes, I was just born. I was only about 10 minutes old and all of a sudden a giant grizzly came out, and I attacked him with my baby hands. He didn’t know what to do. I won. And I fed my family for a whole month. Thank you.”

David Hynek said, “You know what I am pretty excited, and everyone loves me, I love the attention, it’s exciting.” Hynek feels he has no competition, “Honestly the only competition is me.” An interesting fact about Hynek is that he is awesome. “Another interesting fact about me is that I play football, its really interesting, I go to practice after school and then I go home and do homework its pretty sick,” Hynek said. “I like to hang out with my friends in our secret tree fort, we go there and plot to someday take over the world. I bet you wish you are apart of that, I can’t tell you where it is though, its secret information.”

Tommy Kaiser feels honored. “I think it is very nice, because the seniors vote and it is an honor to be chosen by your peers,” Kaiser is not very confident, “I don’t think I will win for sure. There are plenty of other great people. There are funny people, and better looking people so I don’t think I will win so it’s a fun experience.” Kaiser’s interesting fact about himself is that he is involved in football, choir, show choir and has been in orchestra, “I’m kind of all over the place.”

Top 7 Girls

Betty Carew is a candidate for Homecoming King. “I think it’s pretty cool that my classmates nominated me, it’s really nice of them.” Carew feels she has no competition, “There are all nice girls, and I’m glad I can share this with them,” Carew said. Carew thinks of herself as being silly, “I’m silly and that’s about it.”

“I feel very happy about it,” Madeline Flesner said,  “I feel fortune that people would vote for me.” Flesner believes she has some competition, “Henna or Aliza will win. They are both very funny and I don’t think I am so that’s why.” Flesner wants you to know that she has been tweeted at by Taco Bell, “That actually happened.”

Courtni Lewis is happy and honered. “It’s a very nice thing. But I am very nervous to walk and talk in front of people, because I am very shy and that just kind of freaks me out,” Lewis said. “I think everyone in the top 7 is a nice and they are all great people, Maddie Flesner is very nice so I’m expecting her to win,” Lewis said. “I have a huge fear of people touching my neck; it can sometimes make me cry,” Lewis said.

Aliza Lichty is honored. “It feels good to know that people think good about you.” Lichty thinks Betty Carew will win. “I think it’s funny that I am on homecoming court, considering that freshman year, I didn’t know anyone and I’ve changed so much since then. I think it’s ironic and funny that I was selected.”

Henna McCoy is excited. “It’s a cool feeling,” McCoy said. “I really don’t care, all the girls and boys are all awesome so it doesn’t matter who wins. It was really un-expected for me to make it, I think,” McCoy said. McCoy has a secret love for Billy Mays. “One person that I love is Billy Mays, he is the guy that does info commercials. He died the same day that Michael Jackson did, but no one knew because Michael Jackson is more known then Billy Mays. So there you are Billy Mays, I’m showing my respect for him.”

Maureen Nolan is scared, “It’s kind of terrifying actually. But it feels good to know that people like you.” Nolan will be voting for Betty Carew, “She is very funny and nice.” Something interesting about Nolan is that she collects Snapple caps.

Sara Palmer feels honored. “I’m happy I was chosen by my peers.” Palmer feels her competition is Henna McCoy, “She’s really funny and involved in sports and show choir like me and we have the same friends so I wonder who is going to vote for whom.” An interesting fact about Palmer is she has one thumb that’s shorter then the other.