Locking in a new year


Mary Mathis

What seems to be an annoyance for students at Kennedy High School could be the difference in an intruder coming into our school, or staying out. A new security system has been added to the doors at Kennedy. The doors are locked at all times, except for the 5 minutes during passing periods and the 5 minutes after passing periods. This poses a problem for the kids that are either late for class or completing an assignment outside of class and they need to get back into the school somehow.
The only door that is open during all hours of the school day is the main entryways far right door. This provides access for those coming through the front of the school, but for others a very long walk. “It’s kind of annoying when you’re locked outside, but they help us more than hurt us,” said Joe Flesner, jr. The locks are accessible by faculty with key tags. Some doors are open longer in the minutes that school starts so that kids that are parking in the lots can still enter the school. The new system is solely for security. “I think most people would tell you they would sacrifice a little inconvenience for extra security,” Mr. Muench comments on the new system. It looks like the Cougars will be changing some habits this year.