Recap of the first speech and drama meeting


Isabel Neff

The speech and drama department held their first meeting today to talk about future shows and speech events. The fall play, ‘Rumors’, written by Neil Simon, is a quick-paced play about a dinner party where the host gets shot and a tangle of lies and cover-ups tie the cast members together. Auditions for will be after school on Aug. 28 and 29.

Director Nick Hayes said that he hopes to have the list up by Thursday morning before school.

Other shows for the year will be Playtime Poppy ‘The Little Mermaid’, and a spring musical ‘Urinetown’.

Steven Tolly, technical director, said that the set building for Rumors will begin on Friday after school. “Even if you don’t get a part in the play, don’t disappear,” Tolly said. “If you keep talking to me I’ll keep you informed and keep you involved.”

Then Bailey Steinke, sr., talked about the Thespian society and Thespian festival that takes place on November 9 and 10. “Anyone can become a thespian, even if you never perform on the stage,” Steinke said.

Thespians are inducted in May, giving students all year to gain points to becoming a thespian. The Thespian festival is a two day event at UNI where you get to see four shows, compete in events, and take workshops to work on particular acting skills. Steinke said more details about cost will be released closer to the event.

Melissa Osborn, social studies teacher and head speech coach, announced that auditions for speech will be October 23 and 25. If there’s enough interest, freshman members could have their own speech team and compete against the varsity group. Kennedy will host State Speech the first week in February.

Osborn introduced the officers for speech. The President is Isabel Neff, jr., the Vice-President is Jason Grobstich, so., the Secretary is be Bailey Steinke, sr., and the Treasurer is Myah McCoy, so.. She also mentioned how seniors Alosha Robinson, Tanner Boyle, and Megan Van Kirk will be PR people for the Speech team.