A Foyer That Feels Like A Mosh Pit


Jersey Bilyeu

The crowded halls of Kennedy High School.

“So many different unpleasant smells and numerous loud voices surround me as I’m just trying to get to my next class,” said Junior Gracie Wonase.

Wonase is describing a normal day for a Kennedy student as a growing student body tries to navigate a stagnant school. The last full renovation was in 2004, designed for a lower average of students.

“A lot of people like to stop in the middle of the hallway, blocking my path. I usually take a longer route so I can avoid these disputes, but this causes me to be a little late for my classes.”

As of 2023 around 2000 students attend Kennedy and at most, we’ve received a few bathroom renovations. 

The Kennedy Arts department has already been hit with funding issues and there is no money left over to expand the building.

As a district sharing funds between two other schools, CRCSD is struggling the most to grow and adapt. On top of this, CRCSD plans on building City View High, a magnet school that will only create worse funding problems as the City View drains the budget for existing public high schools.

Should administrators continue to ignore the growing issue we will begin to have to reject students and leave the teenagers of CRCSD high and dry.