Chicago Finally Cast and Set to Perform in April


Aaron Stecker

Onlookers gather in the Kennedy auditorium.

Kennedy’s theater department has announced the  Chicago cast list, posted on Feb. 3. 

Chicago is a 1975 American musical set in the jazz age of Chicago. The story is a satire on corruption in the administration of criminal justice. 

Prior to the cast list being posted, senior Jake Horton, playing Fred Casely, expressed his excitement for this project.

“It’s a very fun show and I would be very happy and grateful if I got [a role],” Horton said. “I’m always very nervous for auditions because I want to give 110% effort so I don’t leave anything behind.”  

The cast list can be found on the Kennedy Theatre Twitter, linked here.

Chicago is a must-see show for its glitz, glamor and wonderful songs! Its large and varied cast is one of the reasons Kennedy as a whole looks forward to the musical in April.