Jaxon Robinson: Tearing Up the Lane


Merideth Langton

Jaxon Robinson prepares to bowl.

Jordan Horne, Writer

Kennedy senior Jaxon Robinson made a name for himself across a wide range of activities, from show choir to bowling. 

Robinson has been a three-year member of the varsity show choir team, Happiness Inc. Throughout his time in Happiness, Robinson has gained a range of experiences.

“I decided to begin show choir because I’ve done it since I was in fifth grade, plus with watching Happiness shows in the past years, I have just always wanted to be in the group,” Robinson said. 

His first year in Happiness Inc. was during the peak of COVID-19. There were no show choir competitions and Happiness only had two performances, the Premiere show and the Going Out concert at the end of the 2020-2021 school year. 

Show choir returned to normal during his junior year, 2021-2022. This was the year he went to Show Choir Nationals in Nashville. Robinson is also a part of the bowling team and ranked 14 in the state, with a high game of 289. 

“I got myself into bowling when I was three, so doing that at a high school level is great,” said Robinson. 

Robinson was named an All-MVC Player of the year in 2021, and qualified for First Team All-State his senior year. Robinson also qualified for Second Team All-State twice in his previous years. 

“As with any kid, the biggest thing is he just had to grow up. He has developed into an outstanding young man and a great bowler, who wants to be the best,” Head Bowling Coach Scott Bader said.