Candy Corn Craze

Candy Corn is the sweet treat that splits us every year. Let’s dive in a little deeper on how it was made along with what Kennedy students think of it. 

George Renninger, a candy maker at Wunderlee Candy Company in Philadelphia, was the creator of this tricolor Halloween favorite. Candy corn is made from a mixture of sugar, fondant, corn syrup, vanilla flavoring and marshmallow creme.

The ingredients are then melted into a liquid candy, colored then put through a cornstarch molding process to create each of the colorful kernels. The mixture is then cooled in trays which keeps the colors from mixing together, put into a large drum of edible wax to be glazed to get that irresistible shine. 

The candy company Jelly Belly made the first candy corn but they didn’t just start with candy corn; they also were making pumpkins, chestnuts, turnips, along with other agricultural products. Farmers make up about half of the American labor force, and companies marketed agricultural themed candies in farm country. 

Most of the reasons people dislike candy corn is due to how sweet it is, the sweet flavor and large contrast the candy corn has along with it tastes like you are eating a spoonful of sugar. Some also can eat some candy corn but after too much they get tired of it and don’t want to eat anymore of it. 

But on the other hand some love candy corn because they believe it is a representation of fall and don’t mind the sweet taste on different textures. They also get a nostalgic feeling when they bite into that marshmallow multicolored delicious candy.  People call it a representation of fall due to the colors of fall harvest or of corn cob, with the wide yellow color that perfectly resembles the bright corn cob.