High School: Movies vs. Reality


Jasmine Hite

Students focusing on their work in Becker’s room.

The “typical” high school experience has been portrayed in films and books for years. Unfortunately, high school is not made up of spontaneous singing and dancing like a Disney movie. The actual experience is a bit different.

Most high school students have jobs, whether that relates to their future career or working a minimum wage job in order to increase their spending money. Jobs can either be a choice made by the students or an idea forced on the student by their parental figures. 

High school is stressful enough without the pressure of guardians looking over your shoulder. Mental health is also a factor of the “glamorous” high school experience. There are students in all grades struggling with different forms of mental health, whether that is anxiety, eating disorders, etc. 

For seniors at Kennedy, the school year ends in less than one week, followed by the remaining student body a few days later.

After high school planning can be difficult, especially when teenagers are confused about what they wish to do. Since the early years of childhood, children have been asked about what they want to be when they grow up by the adults in their lives. By doing that, it can create a sense of anxiety and pressure. That feeling absorbs you, making teenagers constantly push themselves to know what they want their futures to look like.

Anxiety and peer pressure is never a fun feeling to experience, especially when it’s about the future. 

An alternative that students take after high school is called a “Gap Year”. A “Gap Year” is 365 days without school, a time to think about your future without the pressures of educators. It allows students to self-reflect and choose if they want to continue going to school or pursue another aspect. Teenagers could take on a new job, enroll into a trade school or join the military. This extra year can let their goals crystalize after the stresses of high school are less fresh.

High school can be a lot for some students, while for others it can be the best time of their lives. Everyone should be able to have an enjoyable high school experience before they graduate. They deserve it.