How to Access ACT Scores


Merideth Langton

Many Kennedy juniors are taking the ACT to prepare for college admissions.

The ACT is a college admissions exam that measures high school academic content to determine a student’s readiness for college. Kennedy’s juniors took the ACT on March 29, 2022. 

On Jan. 11, 2022 The Iowa Board of Regents voted to permanently remove the ACT and SAT requirements for all three public universities—University of Iowa, University of Iowa State and University of Northern Iowa. However, many students still take the ACT and need to access their scores.

For those taking the ACT, the classroom’s proctor hands out a piece of paper and an ACT booklet when testing is finished. On the sheet of paper are the student’s information, directions to help find their scores and a deadline to complete the non-test information.

Prior to the deadline on the paper, students need to log into Then find the ‘enter student code’ button in the top corner of the screen and enter your student code. 

If the student already has an account, they should not make a new one. 

If they have not created a MyACT account, select create MyACT account, and then ‘I’m new!’ Follow the instructions on the screen to create and log in to a new account. Students should make sure their last name and date of birth on their account match what is listed on their sheet. 

If their date of birth or name needs to be updated, they should contact their school test coordinator. 

Once the account has been created, the student will be sent a verification code via text or email. They have 24 hours to use this code. There will be a few extra questions before moving to the home page. On the home page, there will be an ‘enter student code’ button where students can enter the code at the top of the paper they received after testing. 

After entering their student code there will be questions about demographic information, high school resume, college plans and score recipients. These questions are optional unless noted before. 

When completing the ACT and your MyACT account students are able to send your scores to four different colleges or scholarship agencies for free. 

Make a note of your MyACT username and password, then log out.

ACT results, along with high school grades, academic preparation and extracurricular activities help college admission officers identify which students will thrive at their institution. The scores can also determine course placement, academic advising, scholarships, loans etc.