Kennedy Night Live Set for Jan. 22


Caleb Upah

KNL will take place on Saturday Jan. 22 to raise money for Kennedy

A night of entertainment and drinks to benefit the students and staff of Kennedy, Kennedy Night Live (KNL) is an event to see your peers or children’s advisors battle in improv games to raise money for Kennedy. 

KNL will be hosted at Veterans Memorial Coliseum on Jan. 22, 2022. Contestants this year include Aaron Stecker, Jessica Johnson, Drew Tran, Jack Green, Robert Johnson, Kris Hellweg, Teri Graf, Jennifer Borcherding, Bridgette Williams, Cory Goldensoph, Rafeal Jacobo and Darius Ballard. 

The improv challenges the contestants face will give them a chance to step outside of their comfort zone.

This year KNL has invited back Kennedy Alum Dalles Jacobus. Former Iowa defensive tackle, now signed to SSK records, will perform his own songs and covers. 

Over the past few years KNL helps Kennedy with costs that are not always supported by district funds. In previous years projectors and sound systems have been added due to the donations. This year KNL will raise funds to improve the IMC, making it a more comfortable area for students. KNL’s goal this year is $30,000.

Organizer Steven Tolly said, “Our goal is to make it into a space where students can work, relax and enjoy.”