Kennedy Parking Lots: Rules and Alternatives


Merideth Langton

Winter conditions may result in less room for vehicles in the parking lots, as space boundaries are obscured by snow and ice.

As a reminder for all Kennedy students, the north and south lots are for permit parking only. Students who park in those lots without the proper sticker in their windshield will be ticketed $15. Repeat offenders may have their vehicle towed or parking permit revoked.

Student parking lot stickers for the nearby Oakland Church are still available for purchase. For the remainder of the year, the cost of a church sticker has decreased from $110 to $55.

Students who cannot find a space in the south lot or do not have parking permits will have to use legal street parking. Falbrook Dr. and Glen Elm Dr. off 42nd Street are a few of the closest streets where parking is allowed. More information on parking is available in the document linked here.