Linn-Mar Students Hold Walkout During Transgender Awareness Week


Monica Helms

Linn-Mar’s Spectrum Club put up posters around the school for Transgender Awareness Week.

Jersey Bilyeu, Writer

On Nov. 19, Linn-Mar High School students participated in a walkout in support of their school’s Spectrum Club.

Spectrum students put up posters with information about Transgender Awareness Week. These posters were then torn down by other Linn-Mar students. In response, Spectrum students planned a walkout during the school day and said they wanted to remain peaceful.

Participating students were met with a counter-protest by other students.  The counter-protestors held an American flag and sung the national anthem, directed at students participating in the walkout.

Earlier the same day, students paraded down the Linn-Mar hallways carrying and wearing various American flag parodies in support of former President Donald Trump.

KCRG news reporters were present at Linn-Mar as of 12:25 p.m. Students also reported police officers on the scene.

According to unsubstantiated reports by Linn-Mar students, school has been dismissed early due to a threat of violence.