Iowa Has Curfew for Teens Under 18


Merideth Langton

Many Iowan teens and parents are unaware of the curfew for all those 18 and under.

Many places have curfews, but citizens do not always know about it. Iowa has a curfew for teens under the age of 18.

Ages 13 and under have a curfew begin at 10 p.m. while 14-18 starts at 12 a.m. All ages curfew ends at 6 a.m. The curfew was put in place to stop juvenile crimes. 

The curfew states that teens under the age of 18 cannot be on public grounds such as public parks, schools or vacant car lots until 6 a.m.

Tina Arbore has 4 children, her youngest being 15.

“I knew about the curfew, but it never affected how I parent my children,” Arbore said. “When they were out they were either at a friend’s house or I was asleep and didn’t know. To clarify, hanging out with friends driving around.”

As a parent or guardian, when you break this law you’re guilty of a violation of Ordinance 19 for each time breaking it. The parent or guardian will be charged with curfew violation regardless of if the guardian knew for lack of control over the minor. To prevent this, parents can teach their kids about the curfew.

Colton Smith, a 14-year-old sophomore at Kennedy dislikes Iowa’s curfew.

“Nothing ever happened. It’s not like I was causing trouble though,” Smith said.

Junior Lillian Xayasouk already knew about Iowa’s curfew and hadn’t gone out alone during it.

“I always have been with an adult,” Xayasouk said. “My parents know about every time I’ve been out past curfew and they’re okay with it, as long as I am with an adult.”

Even now, teens are out past curfew unknowingly. The Iowa curfew isn’t strictly enforced, but it is there to help ensure other’s safety. Without knowing about the curfew, you can’t follow it.