Happy From Home


Incorporating plants into your personal space can have a positive impact in your well-being.

A quarantine that lasts over a year can be draining, but I’m sure people know that already. It does the mind well to switch it up. 

It’s not smart to physically change your environment in a pandemic. That’s the point of quarantine, to keep the risk of COVID-19 low by isolating yourself. It’s true that location has a lot of impact on environmental wellbeing, but there are ways to make your space feel fresh without going anywhere. 

First things first: how do you decide how to change your environment? According to Medium, it’s best to determine how you want to feel in that space. 

It’s your environment, you have complete freedom decorating it. If you see some trinket you think is cute, or it boosts your serotonin for unknown reasons, just buy it. Put it in your room. If it makes you happy it will be worth it. 

Art creates an emotional response, says medium.com and interior design elements have that same effect. Only indulge in decor or art that makes you feel positive, otherwise your room will only be a place to sleep. 

“A room can have a great emotional impact on a person. A room can make you feel safe, loved, provided for, and a part of something,” Lauren Dunlay, Interior Design teacher at Kennedy High School said. “On the other hand, it can also make you feel negative emotions as well. It all has to do with what is in the room, what the room looks like, the people who may be in the room, and the purpose of the room.” 

Your room should be more than a place to go when you’re tired. Having the mindset that a room is only for sleeping can be unhealthy. 

According to Forbes, you must pay attention to the way you feel in certain places. If you feel negative in that space then you need to make a change. 

Your room needs to be a space that makes you happy. Besides spending money on trinkets, this can be achieved by simply tidying up a space. 

“I would make sure to have the space free of clutter and organized. This means having the bed made and no dirty clothes on the floor. Everything should have a place and be in its place. Having a clutter-free space can help improve productivity,” Dunlay said. 

If nothing else has worked for you, this last step just might. Get a plant. Plants make people happy. 

“Plants can brighten up a space by bringing life to a room. You do have to be careful to keep your plants well cared for. Live plants look great but dead plants can give off negative vibes,” Dunlay said. 

The Royal College of Agriculture found that students show 70% greater attentiveness when in a room with plants. A little plant never hurts anybody, so why not bring a piece of nature indoors to increase motivation? 

It takes effort to freshen up your environment, but it’s worth it in the end. A clean and healthy living space can improve your mindset and make you happy.