The War in My Mind

The world seems to slow

Everything rushes by

Smiling laughter 

Hidden tears

A smile to cover darkest fears


Little do they know 

But the question is why

Smiling laughter 

Hidden tears

Deepest sorrow throughout the years


Falling to the Earth below

Twirling through the pitch black sky

Joy and passion 

Life and light

Ashy snow 

A hopeless fight


Hands extended

Seem to show 

Hope is nigh

Light is rationed

I must hold tight 

To lose my grip

This I know

The world consumed by darkest night


As their love falls like snow

The burning rumble shouts out why

You see the compassion

Who is it you fight

The icy rain or the gentle snow

Dawns first rays break the night


The world begins to slow

Clouds cover the sky

Smiling laugher 

Hidden tears

The wisps of darkness soon appear

At a crossroads 

Which way to go

Dark and light divide the sky

Smiling laughter

Hidden tears 

Will you let the sorrows stay for years