What Causes a Cancellation?

In winter, Cedar Rapids schools have their schedules delayed, changed or cancelled all the time, and students usually end up wondering why. Sometimes, it seems like a day was cancelled without good cause, and other times students think a day should have been delayed when it wasn’t. In this podcast, Superintendent Noreen Bush explains why a school day would be delayed, cancelled or stay unchanged.

The host of this podcast is Joel Dillman. Listen to the full podcast above or on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7389CRYmIrK8rV0PZiYe05

Here’s an excerpt from the episode:

Noreen Bush: I see that students are really advocating for themselves. I haven’t gotten necessarily, on a cancellation day or not cancelling day, I haven’t gotten notes of celebration or anything. I did get a lot of notes from show choir parents the Friday of the nasty ice storm.

We had to make a tough decision about whether or not two of our show choir teams could travel to Wisconsin. The other one was going to go to Ankeny. Actually, the Ankeny show choir got cancelled, and then Kennedy did the tremendous fundraiser for that show choir team. But it was the matter of would we allow those teams to travel out of state on a Saturday, or not?

It was a super tough decision. I heard from several parents from our show choir teams saying “Thank you for keeping our students’ safety as a priority. We were very concerned about this trip out of state.” We made the decision Friday night because one of the show choir teams was going to travel Friday evening and the other one Saturday morning.

Listen to the full podcast to hear the rest.


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