Veering up for VolleyBall


Kaylia Richards

The Kennedy volleyball team spiking the ball at their game.

Alex Sullivan, Writer

Kennedy Women’s 2019-2020  Varsity Volleyball team has a new coach and new motivation.

Michelle Goodalle stepped down last season after coaching for 20 years. The team had a score of 14-9 last season and 8-13 the year before.

The Cougar’s new coach is Robin Fonck. Fonck had been head freshman coach, head JV coach and assistant varsity coach for Kennedy. Fonck and team members hope to work together for a strong season.

“In previous years we have not had a winning record. We have a new coach this year. We had a bit of a rollercoaster at the beginning but the last two weeks have really picked up and have been going really well,” said Katie Jensen, sr.

The team hopes to improve their record from last season. Currently, the record is 4-9.

“All the changes for this season have been for the better. A new coach has been a really big change that has definitely helped with our success and how things are run, and we are more motivated,” said Jensen. 

One of the biggest reasons that the volleyball team has been having greater success in the increase in communication between players.

“We are really more open to feedback with each other. I think because we all worked together last year, and we had a  huge varsity squad last year, we were already kind of close. There’s no drama compared to the other levels, and we do things in practice that are meaningful and have a purpose,” said Abby Feldman, sr.